Golf Ball Wholesale

Are you a retailer, wholesaler or distributor? If so, you will want to check out our wholesale division which has very exciting opportunities for all types of golf ball resellers.
*Please note: the minimum order size for wholesale purchases is 1,000 golf balls.

Who should contact our wholesale division?

1. Golf courses and pro shops looking to stock jar balls and/or offer a full range of top quality recycled and refinished boxed golf balls at approximately half the price of new ones.

2. Retailers and mass merchants who want to earn high margin by offering premium brands in premium quality boxes.

3. Internet retailers who want the full service treatment but don't want to pay the full service price. Full service includes processed, graded and packaged golf balls by the dozen in mesh bags ready for immediate sale. Also included is the assistance of a personal account manager who will help you with choosing the proper products, organizing the shipping and ensuring your success.

4. Pro Shops, Tournament Organizers, Promotional Companies, Premium and Incentive Managers and anybody else looking for golf ball logo services on premium refinished golf balls who don't want to pay the premium price on new in-the-sleeve golf balls. Our logo service is a cost-effective method for you to purchase top quality golf balls at prices you would normally pay for low- to mid-level golf balls.


To learn more about the Knetgolf wholesale program, please contact us by clicking here.