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Canadian Customers

To our Canadian customers,

First of all we want to thank you for your continued support over the past 20 years. Your business has helped us become and maintain a leadership role as the largest online recycled golf ball seller in the world. 

As you may be aware, the Canadian dollar has lost more than 15 percent of its value against the US dollar over the past few months and appears to be heading even lower.

We source almost 100 percent of our product in the United States and purchase our golf balls in US dollars. This lower valued Canadian dollar has put great stress on our business. This business does not work on high margins and as our margins in Canada have shrunk significantly we have had to react in order to maintain the same quality of service and product in Canada that you have enjoyed over the past 20 years. 

Until now customers from Canada who bought on our website paid in Canadian dollars and customers who bought from the United States paid the same price in US dollars. If a product was $10.00 Cdn. in Canada it was $10.00 USD for our United States customers. When the dollar values were about on par or about equal in value this made no difference to our business. Now things have changed. 

We as a company had 2 choices in order to maintain our quality of product and service. We could raise the prices for our Canadian customers and not the US customers to offset the lower value of the Canadian dollar or we could sell only in USD at the same price to both countries and the exchange rate whether higher or lower will adjust accordingly.  We felt that the later solution was the best for both our company and our customers. This way if the Canadian dollar strengthens then our Canadian customers can take advantage of this. 

The way this will work is that your credit card will be charged in USD and the exchange rate will be determined at your bank. 

We regret having to do this however we live in a world marketplace and we must adapt to the economic winds of change.

We at Knetgolf have always strived to provide our customers around the world with superior product, fast delivery and great prices. We hope to be able to service your golf ball needs for many more years to come and thank you for shopping at the Home of Half Priced Golf Balls.

P.S. Just a reminder that we continue to ship our Canadian customers from Canada so there are still no duties or cross border charges ever.