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The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Legions of top golfers use Titleist Pro VI used golf balls Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy just start the list. Will a Pro V1 Used Golf Ball or Pro V1x Used Golf Ball improve your score? Will you be able to hit the Masters this year after hitting a few on the golf course?  It takes determination, will power, skill, practice, practice, and more practice, and, yes, great equipment. While you may not be ready to tackle the PGA circuit, you will be able to improve your game and get the best score for you with these top quality used golf balls. And who knows? Maybe you can give Kenny Perry a run for his money.

Titleist’s Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the number one balls on worldwide golf tours. So what makes them stand out? Let’s take a look at the mechanics and design of the golf balls to get the best idea.

The Pro V1. The majority of golf balls on the market are made with two layers, a core and a cover. For most players, this is perfectly sufficient, and they’ll get endless use from them. For the pros and those who aspire to be one, a different construction may be necessary. Both Pro V1 and Pro V1x have a three layer design. At the heart of the Pro V1 is a solid core of Polybutadiene. This core is larger at 1.550 inches, and it is designed to improve velocity. Next is the thin (.035 inch) Ionomer casing, covered by the final layer of high performance Urethane Elastomer. The golf balls dimple pattern is Icosahedral with a Staggered Wave parting line.

What does all of this mean for the golfer? The Pro V1 offers:

· Consistent fall flight

· Long distance

· Soft fee

· Great scoring performance

· Drop-and-Stop greenside control

· Durability – the Urethane Elastomer provides exceptional life for the Pro V1

· Low spin

· Higher coverage with 392 dimple design

Pro V1x. Again, the Pro V1x has a three layer construction designed specifically for professional use. The core is made of Poybutadiene, measuring 1.550 inches, just as the Pro V1. The Ionomer casing and Urethane Elastomer cover, too, are the same. So what differentiates the Pro V1x from its older brother? The dimple design. Instead of the 392 dimple coverage, this one offers 332. It offers:

· Long distance and consistent flight

· Soft feel

· Great scoring performance

· Drop-and-Stop greenside control

· Durability

Professional golf players use both the Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x, depending on their preferences, so you can be assured that either is a high grade choice.

One thing that players may take issue with is the price. New Titleist Pro V1 and V1x cost $60 per dozen box, which can be a big expensive if you’re not pulling in the multi-million dollar prizes quite yet. A better alternative is to choose a reputable golf wholesaler and opt for recycled golf balls and used golf balls. You can find mint condition balls that are perfectly appropriate for game use, or you can find grade A balls that will be a great practice tool. You’ll pay less than half the cost of new balls for the mint condition ones, and for the practice balls, you’ll pay as little as $12. Used golf ball versions play like new ones, but they cost quite a bit less

Titleist Pro V1 Used And Recycled Golf Balls will help you get your game up to par, and a great wholesaler will help you save your money for green fees.