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Why Buy Pre-Owned Or Used Golf Balls?

You’re on the first tee, you pull out a brand new ball from the glossy sleeve you just purchased at the clubhouse. The four dollars you spent for this ball keeps popping into your head as you tee it up. You start to sweat, salty beads dripping off your forehead. Water to the left, forest to the right, bright blue sky… Four dollars!! Four dollars!! Whack!! Off it flies, straight as an arrow… then slowly veering left…and into the drink. Plop!! There goes another four dollars.

Now, imagine that same scenario, but instead of the ball costing you four dollars it only cost you
one dollar. Feeling better now? Saving lots of money is a real good reason to buy pre-owned golf balls.

But that isn’t the only reason. By purchasing pre-owned recycled or refinished golf balls from Knetgolf, you are also helping the environment by recycling the plastic, metal and other material used in golf balls.

How about the performance of recycled or refinished golf balls? No sacrifice there. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at the independent golf ball testing on Knetgolf golf balls that is performed at the same center where many new golf balls are performance tested. You can view the product testing by clicking here.

So, have we convinced you that buying pre-owned recycled and refinished golf balls just makes sense? If not, we still would love to try. Please click here to email us or call 1.877.563.8877 and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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