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Srixon Z Star Tour Yellow Color Golf Balls

Golf Ball Color : Golf Ball Color
Golf Ball Cover : Elastomer
Golf Ball Compression : 70's
Golf Ball Core : Speed Elasticity
Golf Ball Dimples : 392 Dimples
Golf Ball Type : Distance
Golf Ball Type : Spin
Golf Ball Type : Control
Golf Ball Compression : Low Compression Golf Balls

     How We Grade / Recycled Vs Refinished / Golf Ball Testing
Srixon Z Star Tour Yellow Golf Balls - The Srixon Z-Star Tour Yellow Golf Balls provide exceptional feel around the green and distance control with the putter. These high-performance multi-layer golf balls have an extremely soft feel and a low compression. Srixon Z-STAR Golf Balls is the softer of the two Z-STAR Balls, featuring a combination of an ultra-thin urethane cover and a new dimple configuration that maximizes performance. Yellow is the most visible color in the visual spectrum and psychology has correlated green with calming and stress relief; therefore Srixon® has combined the two colors based on these findings to tap into the player’s mind and expand the benefits of playing a better ball. 
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Gender Male
Brand Srixon
Golf Ball Type Distance
Construction 3 Piece
Score 80's
Score 90's
Style Recycled
Color Color
Cover Elastomer
Trajectory Mid
Compression 60's
Core Speed Elasticity
Dimple 392