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Wilson Titanium Mix Used Golf Balls

Golf Ball Type : Distance
Golf Ball Color : White
Golf Ball Cover : Surlyn
Golf Ball Compression : 90's
Golf Ball Core : Solid
Golf Ball Dimples : 432 Dimples
Golf Ball Compression : High Compression Golf Balls

SKUProductRetailOur PriceSavingsQuantity
Mint Recycled - 1 Dozen
Mint Recycled - 5 Dozen
Mint Recycled - 10 Dozen
Grade A Recycled - 1 Dozen
Grade A Recycled - 5 Dozen
Grade A Recycled - 10 Dozen

     How We Grade / Recycled Vs Refinished / Golf Ball Testing
This is a mix of the various Wilson Staff Titanium balls. They offer maximum distance with great feel. Titanium acts to bond all of the materials in the core into a single cohesive unit. Reduces hooks and slices by 3-4 yards. This mix may include Hyper Titanium, and Staff Titanium.
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