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Golf Gear Review

Friday, August 20, 2010

Knetgolf: A practical alternative for golfers in tough times

by Mike Dudurich

We’ve all seen them. A youngster or youngsters in a back yard that borders a golf course, with a box or two of golf balls available for purchase.

The young entrepreneurs found the balls, dunked them in a little soap and water and have visions of making a tidy profit from frustrated hacksters who have launched several of their own pellets out of play throughout the day.

Not you, you say? Well, according to industry estimates, golfers lose an average of 4.5 golf balls per round. That’s approximately a billion balls a year.

And, if you take the scenario of the youngsters in the back yard and multiply that to the nth degree, you have Knetgolf, the world’s seller of premium, pre-owned golf balls.

Does it surprise you that Knetgolf has enjoyed its’ greatest success since the recession hit? If you think about it, that news shouldn’t be shocking. Money is tight, the company offers “like-new” Titleist, Nike, Bridgestone, Callaway and other brands at half the price of new balls.

"When the recession hit, our business spiked dramatically," says Gary Shienfield, CEO of Knetgolf. "Most customers are now repeat buyers, realizing they can play Tour-grade balls without paying $45 or more per dozen." And projections are that 2010 sales will eclipse last year by 30 percent.

Since 1995, Knetgolf has been recovering balls from more than 2,000 exclusive golf resorts, mainly in Arizona, California and Nevada. The balls undergo Knetgolf’s proprietary and leading-edge cleansing process to ensure top condition. They’re graded Mint, A, B or C and offered at half-price or better online at

What do those grades mean?

-- Mint: the best available balls. They have the appearance and feel of a ball that has been hit for a maximum of only one hole of play. Knetgolf calls them the 'One Hole Wonders.' They have a consistent color and a glossy shine. No X Outs. -- A: clean, playable and have moderate surface blemishes and minor to moderate ink marks. None of the surface marks or slight blemishes will affect the trajectory, distance or flight. There may be very minor user markings or the color may be slightly inconsistent as these balls are similar to ones you have played a few holes with. Cosmetically challenged but have no cuts or creases.

-- B: best valued buy for budget-minded golfers. These recycled balls are 100% playable. Cosmetically challenged with moderate surface blemishes and minor to moderate ink marks. None of the surface marks or slight blemishes should affect the trajectory, distance or flight Path of the ball. Cart paths, trees, and other small markings on the surface may be evident.

-- C (Shag quality): these recycled balls are a great value buy for practice balls or that ever-difficult long shot over the water hazard. Clean and 100% playable but show definite signs of use. Color variation may be evident and may vary in intensity ball to ball. Moderate sized personal markings or visible scuffs from trees or cart paths may also be evident.

Knetgolf says golfers can expect savings of $20-25 per dozen balls.

Check out the website at

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