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The Boston Globe

Friday, August 20, 2010

Big money in lost golf balls, wet or not

 NEW YORK — Finding and reselling lost golf balls at 50 percent discount is an industry worth $200 million a year, golf retail associations estimate.

Gary Shienfield, whose will sell more than 20 million reclaimed golf balls this year, said the average golfer loses a ball every four holes.

The most commonly resold ball is also the best-selling new ball: the Pro V1 from Titleist, based in Massachusetts.

The majority of recycled balls come from water hazards, which raises the question of whether sitting at the bottom of a pond for weeks ruins performance.

Dean Snell, senior director of research at TaylorMade Golf, said a ball would absorb enough water to lose up to 5 miles per hour of velocity and fly a shorter distance.

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