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Friday, August 20, 2010

Toronto's Knetgolf now in 40 countries

by Rick Young 

I’ve got to give props today to Knetgolf, the Toronto-based pre-owned brand name golf ball distributor, for the success it’s had thus far in 2010. If you’re an American reading this spot you might better know Knetgolf as GolfBallsOnly. That’s the name of the wholesale division.

Whatever name or whichever of the 25,000-square-foot processing facilities you’re referring to — the one in Toronto or the one in Phoenix, Az., — Knetgolf founder and CEO Gary Shienfield has turned a rather simple business model of re-furbishing used golf balls into a monumental success story.  

Earlier this week the company reported a year-to-date increase of 400 per cent to its international business, highlighted by its distribution now in 40 countries. . 

“The acceptance of our product is widespread, especially in emerging golf markets like Asia and Eastern Europe,” Shienfield said in a company press release. “These golfers are extremely brand conscious so when top labels are offered at half price it becomes highly profitable for our international partners.”

According to industry statistics supplied by Knetgolf, golfers lose more than one billion golf balls each year. That breaks down to about 4.5 Titleists, Callaways, Nikes, Bridgestones, TaylorMades, Srixons or other branded balls per round on average.

What Knetgolf does is recover golf balls from more than 2,000 executive golf resorts in Arizona, California and Nevada, and then puts the balls through a proprietary cleansing process. It then grades the balls either Mint, A, B or C and offers them in the marketplace for half price or better. Shienfield has covered all the bases. He even uses sleek packaging for POP (point of purchase) displays to go along with aggressive pricing.

Along with what Knetgolf/GolfBallsOnly has done in North America, the brand is also distributed in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America.
Knetgolf takes delivery of over 80,000 golf balls every day. That’s a lot of bad shots.  

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