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Arizona Foothills Magazine

Friday, August 20, 2010

Making Golf Affordable
Written by Nichole Brophy    

As country clubs lower initiation fees and public courses discount rates to attract golfers, golfers themselves are finding a wide array of affordable selections at their fingertips. Equipment to play the game is no different. Playing golf no longer means spending a fortune.

Enter Knetgolf.

Knetgolf has undergone rapid global expansion of their successful business model, which equips players with refurbished, Tour-grade golf balls at half the price of new golf balls.

Knetgolf began in 1995 and is now the world's largest, fully-integrated recycler and refinisher of premium, pre-owned, brand-name golf balls. Taking delivery of almost 80,000 golf balls daily at its two 25,000-square-foot processing plants in Arizona and Toronto, the company maintains the most efficient and sophisticated cleaning and grading processes with meticulous attention to the highest quality standards.

For a company in a largely leisure-based sector like golf to claim more than 400 percent increases in international business year-to-date over 2009 is superb. The dramatic increase in sales volume also signifies that golfing consumers aren’t as readily willing to splurge on pricey equipment as they once were. Correct timing and an in-demand product have surely played important roles in the company’s success.

Knetgolf’s products are distribution worldwide, from Africa to Asia, Australia to Europe and North and South America. The company’s worldwide presence is supported by the fact that golfers lose more than one billion balls annually and 4.5 balls per round on average, according to industry estimates.

“The acceptance of our product is widespread, especially in emerging golf markets like Asia and Eastern Europe,” says Gary Shienfield, CEO of Knetgolf / GolfBallsOnly. “These golfers are extremely brand conscious, so when top labels are offered at half price, it becomes highly profitable for our international partners.”

Driving this universal success is Knetgolf’s wholesale division,, which supplies like-new, refinished golf balls to mass-merchant retail chains, pro shops and internet retailers. The company’s aggressive price and quality proposition – coupled with sleek packaging that seamlessly merchandises into existing displays – yields significant margins and inventory turns.

Knetgolf recovers golf balls from more than 2,000 exclusive golf resorts mainly in Arizona, California and Nevada, which then undergo its proprietary and leading-edge cleansing process to ensure top condition. The refurbished balls are then graded Mint, “A,” “B” or “C” and offered at half price or better directly to the golf public.

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