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Friday, August 20, 2010

Knetgolf Pre-Owned Golf Balls Test Consistent with New Balls 

(TORONTO) - Knetgolf - the world's leading provider of premium, pre-owned, brand-name golf balls - confirms that independent tests show golf balls recycled and refinished by the company show performance consistent with new golf balls.

Advanced Golf Solutions (AGS), the top-rated test facility for major ball manufacturers, established these results:

Test Knetgolf Refinished Titleist Pro V1® (yards) New Titleist Pro V1® (yards) Ball Carry Difference

(yards and approx. inches)

Driver 264.67 264.86 .19 yd or 7 inches

Six-Iron 176.44 176.57 .15 yd or 5 inches

Wedge 114.69 114.77 .13 yd or 3 inches

"Our data proves new balls and Knetgolf's pre-owned balls are basically interchangeable," says Tony Nelson, President of AGS. "I don't see how the average golfer would notice a difference - except for the price."

Knetgolf's refinished balls - supplied to golf-course pro shops, retailers and international buyers via - tested effectively the same as new golf balls in spin rate, launch and descent angles, apex height and float time.

The company's Mint recycled balls - recovered, cleansed and available at - produced similar test findings.

Knetgolf's refinished and Mint recycled balls beat the 3.2-yard mean dispersion average for new, premium golf balls, ranking these pre-owned balls among the top third in accuracy of all brands.

Sophisticated cannon tests were conducted under equitable ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, side axis, PSI, temperature and humidity range, and wind direction, speed and effect.

All balls refinished and recycled by Knetgolf are roughly half price of new balls.

The AGS results support the 20 million-plus balls Knetgolf and GolfBallsOnly have sold in 2009 with customers averaging four re-orders annually. Golfers losing an estimated average of 4.5 balls per round and a tough economy direct them to for quality brands at affordable prices.

"It's fulfilling a third-party verifies results we knew all along," says Gary Shienfield, CEO of Knetgolf. "Even more consumers now recognize our unique performance-value proposition and join millions of Knetgolf customers worldwide."

Knetgolf refinished and recycled golf balls do not fall under the original manufacturer warranty, but are backed by the company's 100% guarantee.

About Knetgolf

Founded in 1995, Knetgolf is the world's largest, fully-integrated recycler and refinisher of premium, pre-owned, brand-name golf balls. Taking delivery of almost 80,000 golf balls daily at its two 25,000-square-foot processing plants in Arizona and Toronto, the company maintains the most efficient and sophisticated cleaning and grading processes with meticulous attention to the highest quality standards. Knetgolf recycles and markets over 200 brands of golf balls, originally made by the top manufacturers in the world, through its consumer website and its wholesale website In addition, Knetgolf is e-Bay's largest refurbished golf ball seller in both the United States and Canada with a 99.5 percent feedback rating. For more information: 877.563.8877 or

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