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Titleist Pro V1

What makes the Titleist Pro V1 absolutely the best used golf ball on this planet?

Well the Titleist Pro V1 392 used golf ball utilizes large core, multi-component urethane Elastomer technology. The Pro V1 became the #1 non-wound used golf ball in just its first week on the PGA Tour. The Pro V’s tour-proven higher ball speed, lower spin, results in longer drives and iron distances. This ball holds its line even in very windy conditions. The Pro V1’s tight ball flight is evident with short irons, its higher launch and steeper angle of descent provide drop and stop performance into the green. The very thin urethane Elastomer cover provides soft, solid feel and offers shear and abrasion durability. This used golf ball is best suited for players with the highest swing speeds and exceptionally high spin or high lift launch conditions. The Pro V1 used golf balls are designed for golfers with a wide range of launch conditions that are seeking Tour-level performance.

If you are the type of person who insists on the very best - this incredible used golf balls are for you!