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Can't find the used golf balls and recycled golf balls you are looking for? You have two options. Use our Advanced Search tool which allows you to choose characteristics best matching your golf game. Or, let us help you choose the right used golf balls for your game by your score.

It's time you discovered that Pinnacle used golf balls are designed for golfers seeking soft feel and high performance control.

The Pinnacle Used Golf Balls utilize a soft, thin cover formulation and have introduced a new large core construction to offer the ultimate combination of long distance and soft feel with outstanding control around the green. Knetgolf is proud to offer the top selling Pinnacle golf balls including: the Pinnacle Gold Series, Pinnacle Exception, Pinnacle Lady, Pinnacle CLR, Pinnacle Pink, Pinnacle Lady Crystal, Pinnacle Mix and Pinnacle Mix Yellow used golf balls.

Don't miss out! Order your Pinnacle's from Knetgolf and save a bundle in the bargain.

Pinnacle 10 Dozen Specials

Picture of Pinnacle 10 Dozen Specials
ProductRetailOur PriceSaveQuantity
Pinnacle Mint/Grade A Mix Recycled - 10 Dozen

Pinnacle Mix Used Golf Balls

Picture of Pinnacle Mix Used Golf Balls
ProductRetailOur PriceSaveQuantity
Mint/Grade A Mix Recycled - 1 Dozen