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Professional baseball players and ordinary golfers share a common disdain for playing in the cold. Batters face the stinging sensation that accompanies a 95-mile-per-hour fastball in on the hands, and golfers face the stinging sensation associated with thin shots and hard golf balls. Ouch!

For those brave enough to get out there in the frigid winter months, consider changing to a low compression ball.

Below is a list of low compression golf balls our pros recommend!

PLEASE NOTE: The coupon code COLD15 is only valid on the golf balls listed below.

Bridgestone e6 Refinished Golf Balls

Picture of Bridgestone e6 Refinished Golf Balls
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Factory Refinished. No Logos - 1 Dozen

Nike Power Distance Soft Used Golf Balls

Picture of Nike Power Distance Soft Used Golf Balls
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Grade A Recycled - 1 Dozen

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