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An Introduction to Golf Clubs - Sunday, August 31, 2014

By Hannah Birss

What is a golf club? The club is the apparatus used by the golfer to hit the ball. No club, no golf. Golf clubs come in a variety of different types and construction, though the three classes that these types can be divided into are woods, irons (considered the most versatile) and putters.

Each club is composed of two main parts; the shaft,with a lance for grip, and a club head. Based on the type and class, the shafts and club heads differ drastically for the respective purposes.

The first class of golf clubs is called woods; woods are the first club to be put into play on a golf course. Long distance clubs, they are meant to drive the ball a great distance down the fairway. As the name implies, woods were previously made of wood, specifically persimmon wood. Taylor-made introduced the first all-metal woods club in 1979; since then, wood is rarely used and today most are made with a graphite shaft and a titanium, composite or steel head.  Woods typically have a large head and long shaft made for maximum club speed, and although they are made specifically for longer distance, they are typically more difficult to control. These clubs can be further divided into two main categories; drivers and fairways. A driver is often the club used from the tee, and is the farthest hitting club. Fairways are often use immediately after the driver, on the second shot for tee, and are also used in long distance scenarios. Though I won't go into great detail there, there are many different makes and types of drivers and fairways, each with their pros and cons.

The second class of golf clubs is called irons. Irons were originally called that because, unlike woods, they have been made with iron for centuries. Irons are typically made with thin club heads with grooved faces; irons are used to play a shot from the first two hits after the tee until the ball reaches the green. While you can play an iron from the tee box, most of your iron shots will come from the fairway. Irons are then further classified by the divisions of short irons, long irons, and mid-irons, which are further divided into sub classes, based on the differentiated angle of loft on the clubface. Again, this article deals with the basic classifications of golf clubs and will not go into detail here.

Finally, we come to the putters. Putters are used to ‘putt' the ball onto the green. If you have ever played mini-golf, you've used a scaled-down version of a putter. Once the ball is on the green, a putter is used to make a concise and controlled shot in order to get the ball in the hole. A putter is short and straight-faced, allowing for the perfect shot.

As mentioned before, golf clubs come in many different shapes, sizes, and makes, each of them created specifically for a certain shot, with their own strengths and weaknesses. By making sure you have a variety of different clubs, you can be well on your way to becoming a golf-pro.

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