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All that Glitters Should be Golf - Tuesday, February 24, 2015
All that Glitters Should be Golf – 10 Pieces of Golf Themed Jewelry for that Special Someone
By Hannah Birss

Valentines may have passed, but that’s no reason to not treat that special someone to a little piece of something shiny, especially if that someone loves golf as much as we do. In fact, you should check out the list we’ve compiled below for some of the nicest golf-themed jewelry things on the web for that special someone on your gift list to let them know that they’re the only hole-in-one you’ll ever need.
1. Gold Wedding Bands – Maybe you’re in a relationship moving to the next level, or maybe your old bands are as busted and dented as your old set of clubs, or maybe you just want to match with your significant other at tee-off time. Either way, this set of custom wedding bands will definitely have you saying “I do!”.


 This awesome ring set can be found, and the original image viewed, here.

2. Vintage Style Cufflinks – Looking for a gift for that distinguished gentleman? These lovely looking cufflinks will add a little bit of “dapper” to any outfit – on or off the green. 
You can view the original image and buy these gorgeous cufflinks here, at MoonflameCufflinks

3. Golf Charm Bracelet – My mother always said that her charm bracelet brought her all the luck she ever needed. Show your  lady just how much luck she brings you and give her a little luck of her own. I know It’ll be joining my lucky rabbits foot, my lucky penny, and my lucky four leaf clover. That’ll work, right?
You can view the original image and buy this ‘charming’ piece of jewelry here

4. Golf Ball Cufflinks - If the cufflinks above weren’t to your style, try these ones on for size. These are gorgeous, unobtrusive, and not too hard on the wallet for the budget-limited. You just better make sure they’re a Titleist fan.


You can find the original image and buy these little doo-dads here. 

5. A Bank-Breaking Brooch - If you have a very big love, made a very big mistake, or have a very big wallet, the 18 karat brooch from Cartier in the shape of a golf bag just might be your ticket item. Your partner will definitely be the belle of the country club ball. 
You can find this shiny little gem and the original image here.

6. Golf Ball Stippled Ring – You have to love the patterning on this 14 karat ring. It’s subtle, gorgeous, and will make the statement that you’re married both to your partner and to the game. 
You can get this little lovely here.

7. Subtle Golf Bangle – If your partner doesn’t run to the flashy sides of things. This understated bracelet comes in sterling silver or 14 karat gold, and will look good on just about every wrist. It also looks vaguely futuristic, which is always a bonus.
You can ogle the original image and buy this here

8. Golf Themed Watch - Does your partner regularly miss their tee-off time? Perhaps a subtle reminder – both to the time, and to where they have to be – would make the perfect gift.

You can view the original image and buy this fashionable watch here. 

9. Golf Themed Pendant – This heart shaped pendant can symbolize both your love for the receiver and your (hopefully mutual) love of the game. It’s a beautiful reminder.

You can view the original image and buy this little thing here.

10. Crystal Earrings – These are the shiniest thing under the sun. Made of Swarovski crystal, they are sure to dazzle and blind even the most talented golf opponent on the green. Does that count as cheat.


You can view the original image and get these killer earrings here. 

You can view the original email image here

What about you? What’s your favourite piece of golf themed bling? Let us know in the comments below!

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