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Customers Comments

"Balls delivered were within expectations which was great... thx!!"
Ed Roche
6/26/2015 12:05:16 PM

"I was very impressed by the speed and ease of your customer service. I'll definitely be buying from you in the future!!"
Tom Meirick
6/19/2015 1:34:56 PM

"Your customer service representative I spoke with on the phone went above and beyond to get my product to me before my golf trip."
6/19/2015 9:22:45 AM

"I am quite pleased with the balls that I've ordered. They play like new golf balls, and even find their way into the woods from time to time. The turn-around on shipping is excellent and my most recent order arrived on time. I would recommend your product to anyone who is interested in a great value at a substantial discount to retail. I'll continue to use Knetgolf whenever I need "new" golf balls. "
Michael Cloutman
6/19/2015 8:26:35 AM

"I made my 1st order and I just played with the balls. The balls are great! I enjoy playing with a 'new' ball without feeling ripped off if I lose it, bc I got such a great deal! As much as the balls are good, the service was just as good. I accidentally made 2 orders of the same balls and you were very good about refunding me one of the orders. Thank you! Will I order form you again?… you bet!"
6/16/2015 8:59:01 PM

"Excellent value with excellent service."
6/7/2015 7:53:05 PM

"The balls perform as advertised."
Scott Sharman
6/4/2015 8:36:10 PM

"The golf balls that I ordered looked and played even better than I expected. The value that these balls give to the consumer is excellent."
Matt Larsen
6/3/2015 7:14:35 PM

"Great company to deal with. Will order again soon."
6/2/2015 6:51:37 PM

"Great products and terrific service. The one size golf glove is a tad tight , across the knuckles, but is comfortable once on. "
6/2/2015 11:46:41 AM

"Easy to use web site,, balls came in quicker than expected. Great customer service"
5/25/2015 8:50:05 AM

"Easy to navigate. Easy to find pricing. Easy to find explanations.."
Richard Lopez
5/18/2015 5:04:32 PM

"Wouldn't change a thing!"
5/15/2015 11:29:34 PM

"Good quality product for the price, shipped in a reasonable amount of time and would reorder from Knetgolf in the future. Also am telling alot of friends about Knetgolf. Thanks,"
Leo Hubbard
5/15/2015 1:30:33 PM

"Was surprised and very happy with my recent purchase of Titlist NXT Tour golf balls. Excellent value and great quality."
5/9/2015 11:04:15 AM

"Mint golf balls came as advertised-excellent quality."
Scott Cameron
4/29/2015 7:26:02 PM

"Fantastic company. Very easy to deal with. Fast and reliable shipping to Canada also. Great job knetgolf."
4/27/2015 11:42:56 PM

"Great looking golfballs! I'll be back!"
Kent Thomas
4/27/2015 1:00:32 PM

"Made an order on-line. Everything is in great condition. Exactly as promised. I will be using this site again in the future."
4/24/2015 6:15:26 PM

"Bought 4 dozen titleist pro v1 balls. Shipping was was quick and the golf balls are in amazing shape. They look and play like the expensive store bought ones but at a third of the price."
Bert Burk
4/17/2015 12:23:30 AM

"I ordered golf balls from you site for the very first time and was very pleased with the result. I was curious what shape the recycled balls would be in. I ordered mint and the quality of the balls I recieved was very consistent with the description. I was very pleased and will order again."
David Thornton
4/10/2015 1:53:35 PM

"Just ordered TaylorMade Balls for all the guys in our office. Great deal and great balls!"
4/10/2015 10:38:16 AM

"Good company, I do business with you frequently. Balls always as advertised."
victor withee
3/22/2015 2:48:42 PM

"I am very pleased with the service from Knetgolf, as I ordered golf balls at 1/4 the price of new, received them in four days and that way I can afford to play with the quality of golf ball that I like instead of a cheaper ball. I use the Titleist NXT Tour golf ball because I like the way they drive and also the feel around the greens."
Delmar Lucas
3/16/2015 12:39:09 PM

"I have ordered from your website 4 or 5 times and have always received my or exactly and non time...and the golf balls are as good as new...great pricing!!!"
Robert Dame
3/13/2015 7:26:23 PM

"Order handling is great."
3/1/2015 4:22:48 PM

"I placed my first order for preowned golf balls in February 2015. The website was very helpful in explaining the products offered and the procedure to order. I received my order on the exact day represented at my door. The product was exactly as represented. The value far superior to used golf balls offered near my winter residence in a SW Florida. I plan to reorder and tell my golfing friends. "
Paul Sandusky
2/20/2015 9:29:11 PM

"My golf balls I ordered from you arrived at my door two days after they were ordered, you could give a lot of other company's a lesson on customer service Thanks Mike"
Mike Wilcocks
2/11/2015 10:08:03 PM

"You guys are awesome. I received my shipment of yellow Titleist NXT Tour S balls and I was simply blown away. I literally cannot tell the difference between these ones and the brand new ones I bought last season. Also, the shipping was lightning fast. I ordered them this past Friday and I got them on Monday. Even my dad who always insists on buying balls brand new was impressed. You guys have a customer for life now and I'm telling all my golf buddies about you guys. I'm never buying balls from Golf Town any more."
Roopak Singh
2/4/2015 9:12:03 AM

"I started buying my used balls from you on EBay . Never disappointed. Always great quality. Just like new and play the same as new. Thanks"
1/31/2015 6:39:08 PM

"Placed my order, received the product within a couple of days, great product at a great price. No hassle delivered to my door Thanks"
Mike Rapke
1/31/2015 2:31:59 PM

"Always excellent service"
1/31/2015 11:28:39 AM