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Customers Comments

"ordering was simple, price was right, received within 2 days excellent"
1/25/2015 9:35:30 PM

"Always been skeptical of buying used golf balls, but at $15.99 a dozen for mint Titleist NXT Tours I decided to give them a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. Out of 36 golf balls 1 had a player marking on it and another had a small imperfection. The rest look like brand new just out of the a sleeve. Can't wait to give them a try on course to see if they perform as good as new $34.00 a dozen."
Anthony Cullison
1/20/2015 8:02:28 PM

"Great product---as good as new and much cheaper "
Bobby Garrison
1/18/2015 12:00:09 PM

"Easy site to navigate! Large selection of used golf balls! Good communication regarding order! Great prices! "
No need
1/16/2015 3:51:46 PM

"Always great service"
Harry Dillard
1/10/2015 10:02:59 PM

"Very happy with the balls I ordered.Ordering was easy and delivery was on time."
Kevin Cavanagh
1/5/2015 3:09:52 PM

"Excellent products at good prices shipped very quickly."
12/29/2014 8:35:16 AM

"Ordered the golf balls I saw on your website...checked your suggestion on what kind of golf ball I might want to use...order 5 doz and they arrived with 2 business days...Great!!"
12/22/2014 1:27:13 PM

"Perfect and I will be back."
Jerry holleran
12/18/2014 5:59:55 PM

"Very impressed with your Company and their service ...Delivery of order was extremely fast ...less than 24hrs ...very impressive ...I had used your knetgolftournament division a few years back but this is the first time on buying used balls.. It will be a few weeks before I get out to use them ...hoping that experience is just as satisfying jeff "
Jeff Classen
12/5/2014 2:03:42 PM

"I have purchased numerous dozens of ProV1s from your site & I must say that your overall process has improved with time. I like the fact that you lowered the free shipment amount & the emailed coupons. I have played your balls for quite some time & continue to spread the word about your products. Several at my club now use your services & I have heard them also direct others to your site. It helps new customers to know that others have visited your site with satisfaction. Maybe think about a club listing of existing customers to let new customers know others at their club are already using your services. Charlie "
Charlie Brooks
11/30/2014 6:14:37 PM

" Ordered several dozen Srixon balls and service was fantastic. Incredibly fast shipping and products as advertised and as expected. Thanks Again. John (Vancouver B.C)"
John Agnew
11/15/2014 7:36:18 PM

"When I placed my order, I received shortly thereafter a confirmation, followed by a tracking number. This gave me a very good comfort level. Two days later I received the golf balls. The entire process was simple, and the total service was outstanding. I forwarded the website to several of my golfing buddies. I won't ever have to buy golf balls anywhere else. I am impressed. Thanks "
Mike Long
11/14/2014 1:17:26 PM

"Great quality and I like the bags the balls came in"
11/13/2014 1:32:16 PM

"I'm very pleased with your products. Allow a duffer like me 85-90 to play a really good ball. "
joshua a Kalkstein
11/13/2014 8:40:47 AM

"All went smoothly. Product showed up earlier than expected and the balls were as advertised."
11/12/2014 3:35:33 PM

"You guys are great. I got the balls quickly and they were exactly as described. When I order from you, I know 'mint means 'mint!' Thanks! One suggestion: Run the cheap shipping promo more oferten, sometimes I can't get up to $149 in one order."
Matt Tynan
11/5/2014 8:46:59 AM

"Received the Bridgstone mint recycled balls. They look like they have never been hit. Very satisfied, unfortionately our season is about over. Below freezing weather setting in. Thank you for a great product, see you in the spring for more orders."
Larry Przeslawski
11/4/2014 6:56:23 PM

"I enjoy the extremely prompt shipping and quality golf balls provided by KNETgolf. Thank you"
Donald Howell
11/4/2014 10:25:22 AM

"good job well done"
11/4/2014 10:16:36 AM

"i just recieved my second order of golf balls this year and i am very happy with the product and also with the excellent and timely delivery of my order . thanks"
Francis Van Drunen
11/4/2014 6:54:09 AM

"I had ordered two dozen mint recycled Titlelist ProV1x's. When I opened the box, I had received ProV1's instead. I have to admit that I was quite disappointed. I immediately sent an email to customer service with the hope of some kind of resolution. The next morning I had received an email apologizing for the mistake and informing me that the correct balls would be sent right away at no charge. I have just received the replacements via UPS and they are the ProV1x's. I do appreciate the quick resolution and not having the hassle of having to send golf balls back, etc. I am impressed by the level of customer service I received and will be spreading the word about your company to my golfing friends and co-workers. Thank you again. Bruce "
Bruce Kamimura
11/3/2014 9:03:57 PM

"Great product and fast shipping. Thanks!"
Virgil Macion
11/3/2014 7:55:29 PM

"Love the Co. and the service. I have made two orders, 1 of 48 titleist prov1, and then 60 titleist prov1's. Out of the total I had one ball that had a slight cut. Very satisfied customer and have recommended your company to other golfers."
Gary R Banks
11/3/2014 7:43:49 PM

"Always easy doing business with Knetgolf. The product is always as advertised with some great prices. Thank you. "
J Ferris
11/3/2014 7:27:39 PM

"Thanks great service and fast delivery. Exactly what I wanted and expected. "
Richard McQuillan
11/3/2014 6:17:22 PM

"received my order promptly and all balls were as promised."
David Parke
11/3/2014 5:20:46 PM

"I was pleased with the service I received from your company. The balls got to my home before the scheduled time. Thank you "
George Medrano
11/3/2014 12:48:36 PM

"I always buy mint quality balls and I have never been disappointed with Knet golf. Quality is always tops and service is also. Thanks."
Jim Gordon
11/3/2014 11:59:44 AM

"My Son made the golf team and needed practice balls. They use Titlest NXT balls for tournaments. I asked around and someone recommended your company. We were very pleased. Ordered 60 to start with and will be ordering more tonight. I have recommended your site to all my friends. Great prices great service. "
Larry Holland
10/29/2014 8:23:22 PM

"I have grown appreciate the value of Knetgolf's services. I practice my playing on the golf coarse. Experienced golf balls provide me a excellent performance without breaking the bank."
Tim Merrill
10/24/2014 1:37:42 PM

"Easy to order, got exactly what I wanted, great prizes, can't ask for more."
10/7/2014 10:20:08 AM

"Thanks for the fast service even though we had misunderstanding on new order and previous order. The young.lady there (forgot her name) was great in straightening out the problem. Next year or sooner, we will combine our orders for free shipping. My friends already use your site."
Dana Harris
10/6/2014 9:35:06 AM

"Service is very quick and I have always received what was expected. I have ordered both types used and refinished. I have already referred two individuals to your company Thanks"
Richard Buckberrough
10/3/2014 1:32:54 PM

"Excellent vendor/will use again/great shipping/great product"
Jack Anderson
10/3/2014 10:48:25 AM

"Great service. Will use again and recommend you to my friends"
10/2/2014 11:31:49 AM

"Great service--quick and economical--got the balls I wanted."
10/2/2014 8:22:26 AM

"Golf ball order arrived quickly and was exactly as ordered."
Peter Hollander
10/1/2014 8:00:54 PM

"great balls at a great price, fast shipping"
Paul Cannon
10/1/2014 4:16:01 PM

Mitchell Sansbury
10/1/2014 3:19:12 PM

"I loved my Chromax balls, but wish I could have picked the colours! :) Got mostly green and yellow, really liked pink the best! PS: they show up great in the water hazard! "
10/1/2014 3:09:52 PM

"Very happy with the prompt service and the product. Thank you!"
Mike Quinn
10/1/2014 1:24:35 PM

"Escellent experience with your company."
James Watson
10/1/2014 1:15:35 PM

"thank you!"
10/1/2014 12:19:34 PM

"The balls are "excellent" when described. "
Dana Gorbahn
10/1/2014 12:14:29 PM

"Received the mint condition Titlest Velocity balls and was very happy with the condition. They look like they just came out of the sleeve. Thank you for a great product and great price! "
John Allen
10/1/2014 12:04:39 PM

"Balls received are in excellent condition, quickly received and at a great price. Keep up the work. A win-win situation John Pidutti"
john pidutti
10/1/2014 11:49:12 AM

"The balls I received were great. The printing was clear and looked good. I just got six dozen,so it probably won't be till next year that I order more. Thanks to your company I can get a better ball at a cheaper price."
Earl Bernheisel
10/1/2014 11:40:45 AM

"Great golf balls. Just as described. Thanks "
Bruce Cook
10/1/2014 11:24:01 AM

"Any special discounts for Golf stores ? We bought more than 200 dz of Pro V1, Titlest, Nike, Callaway from your competitor. All were package in carton box of 12 for Pro V1 and 15 for the others."
Denys Benoit
10/1/2014 11:12:08 AM

"Our order was received very quickly, and the golf balls were in excellent condition."
Jeff Reid
10/1/2014 10:56:24 AM

"good balls , timely delivert"
10/1/2014 10:50:59 AM

"Consistently Delivers! It is a pleasure to work with you all. The product you deliver is as advertised, easy to order, and delivered as promised. You can't ask for anything more!! Thank you for another great order!"
Dave Standley
10/1/2014 10:50:22 AM

"Love the golf balls I have been getting from you folks. great product for great price..helps keep the game consistant"
tom zugay
9/30/2014 8:37:52 PM

"Great golf balls! Nothing to compare them to. Quick delivery as well. If you are in the market for some "one hit wonders" this is the place to go. "
Shag Baker
9/26/2014 12:07:25 PM

"My order arrived very quickly and the balls I ordered were in like new condition. This is the 3rd time I have ordered and I have been completely satisfied with the items I have ordered."
Thomas Johnston
9/25/2014 9:53:45 PM

"knet kicks ***best of the best hands down service was exelent!!! "
9/25/2014 6:48:51 PM

"I was very surprised by the quality of the Golf Balls I purchased on Knetgolf. Prices were excellent, balls were unscathed and in perfect condition. Description of the ball and construction, performance characteristics of the ball were spot on. Shipping was and delivery were as advertised. I would highly recommend this site to my friends."
9/25/2014 3:00:04 PM

"Shopping was easy, price and product were as expected and delivery was very quick. Thanks"
Bob Savelson
9/25/2014 7:31:19 AM

"Very satisfied and will be using in the future"
Gary Bloom
9/25/2014 5:29:59 AM

"Delivery was great, everything came in quickly. Great service!"
9/24/2014 7:20:07 PM

"I have tried two different golfballs from knetgolf. Both preform exactly as advertised. Great balls at reasonable prices."
Michael Smalley
9/24/2014 6:46:36 PM

"Purchased refinished Callaway Hex Black golf balls. Having played 3 rounds since receiving them i see absolutely no difference between these balls and Hex Black out of the box. Carry distance, control and spin seems to be identical. Why spend $40 a dozen? Just doesnt make sense......."
Eric Knutsen
9/24/2014 5:06:20 PM

"You have done a very nice job with your company. Great service with the golf balls delivered very quickly and the balls are as advertised. You save me a nice chuck of change each season. Nobody knows that I am playing ( not that I care!) with used golf balls that cost half as much and perform every bit as well as brand new balls. Thanks and keep up the high standards."
Phil Baker
9/24/2014 3:20:00 PM

"I tried you guys for the first time and was very happy. The balls were exactly as advertised, price was reasonable and delivery was actually a day earlier than expected. Only thing is, why is your standard ground shipping rate $10 when all others are $6? Not a deal killer by any stretch but still wondering. thanks "
9/24/2014 1:37:57 PM

"As advertised. The quality of the product as stated. Received order when I was supposed to. Prices and fees as stated. Keep up the good work!"
Brian Showler
9/24/2014 12:57:48 PM

"You guys are awesome because the prices and the quality of the golf balls are second to none. I received golf balls in mint condition that looked like a ball that has never been hit for a very reasonable price. Thanks Knetgolf. Keep up the good work."
Shawn Blanton
9/24/2014 12:52:55 PM

"I did receive my order and as always I am 100% satisfied with the quality, service, and attention to detail Knetgolf provides. Keep up the good work and I will reorder as soon as all of these balls are in the woods and/or water hazards."
Ed Claunch
9/24/2014 12:10:52 PM

"Super fast delivery."
Steve Kalverda
9/22/2014 8:28:34 AM

"Everything arrived on time & was the quality that I hace come to expect. Doug McKenzie"
Doug McKenzie
9/19/2014 5:44:25 PM

"Service was excellent with the product being as advertised. Thanks!"
9/18/2014 5:40:05 PM

"I ordered 4 doz Bridgestone B330 RXS refinished golf balls. Unfortunately I was shipped 4 doz B330RX. I contacted you and shipping them back was arranged and within a week the 330RXS arrived. So you converted a mistake, which happens into a pleasant transaction. Kudos"
9/17/2014 8:52:25 PM

"Great buying experience. Will be back for sure!"
9/17/2014 2:04:49 PM

"I have not yet used these golf balls but I am extremely satisfied with the appearance of them."
John Martin
9/17/2014 1:17:02 PM

"I could set here for an hour and never think of ONE complaint regarding your total company! It is always a Total joy, wether by phone or your website to do business with you. I HAVE SAID IT BEFORE AND I HAVE TO SAY IT AGAIN, "IF YOU ARE NOT HEARING FROM ME FOR AN ORDER IT IS ONLY BECAUSE WE DO NOT LOOSE AS MANY BALLS AS WE USE TO"! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, Bonnie Workman"
Bonnie Workman, Peterson
9/17/2014 1:02:51 PM

"Great used golf balls and fast service"
9/17/2014 12:15:49 PM

"I ordered the box of 300 shag balls. It was delivered promptly with no problems. The balls were as I expected. What a great experience. Owning balls cheaper than I can rent them from the driving range!"
Norm mccabe
9/17/2014 11:55:44 AM

"I wanted to comment on just about everything. The service, price, shipping and the product were all excellent. I wish every company I dealt with was as good in every department as yours. Keep up the good work, I will be back as soon as I lose the balls you sent me. I will refer all my friends to you. Thank You Gary "
Gary Munn
9/14/2014 11:29:44 AM

"Just to say I have used Knetgolf several times and several different products and have not been disappointed once. Thanks"
Nathan Buller
9/13/2014 10:17:31 AM

"All of my dealings with your company have been good. The balls I want to purchase are always available and easily found on your website. "
Al Cuccinello
9/13/2014 10:11:59 AM

"A very good selection of golf balls. I'm very happy you have yellow titleist balls. In fact, my first purchase of yellow golf balls was so good to me, I ended up getting my first hole in one with a yellow titleist ball!"
Sam Spanier
9/12/2014 7:37:45 PM

"I had a problem with my order, which was handled like a pro by Sharon my hats off to her, good work. "
9/12/2014 5:28:14 PM

"Just thought I'd let you know how much I appreciate your service and products. Have been purchasing balls from you company for a number of years and have recommended Knetgolf to my friends. Thank you Ed Leracz"
Ed Leracz
9/12/2014 3:56:13 PM

"I have been very pleased with your products (golf balls). I have order a number of golf balls from your website over the past couple of years, a little over 100, and am very pleased with everything. "
Mark Vreeland
9/12/2014 3:27:31 PM

"These Golfballs look like they just came out of their sleeves. Unless I tell my friends, they think they are new ones. Lightning speed for the delivery, and excellent price, Life is Good!"
Ken Briggs
9/12/2014 3:22:15 PM

"The golf balls I order were in great condition and for a really good price. Service was excellent! Balls arrived quickly and were safely packaged. Highly recommend."
Pamela Stratton
9/12/2014 1:17:29 PM

"Another great job by Knet Golf. The whole process is easy, the pricing is great, and the balls perform like new."
P.D. Shabay
9/12/2014 12:47:51 PM

"Excellent finish on the refinished Titleist ProV1 and NXT-S balls. Great way to try premium balls and new products like the S at entry-level prices. Four dozen should do me for a while - I'll definitely order again when I need more ammo! Thanks"
Bill Moore
9/12/2014 12:29:35 PM

"Ordering was painless, the golf balls were delivered promptly and as ordered."
9/12/2014 12:14:10 PM

"Golf balls looked great. Performed well. Very satisfied! "
Henry Kumpf
9/12/2014 11:36:56 AM

"Thank you for shipping to my military overseas APO address. I have been a customer with KNETGOLF for several years and enjoy the value you provide that helps to make golf a little more affordable. Thank you."
William Tewksbury
9/10/2014 9:30:58 AM

"Excellent delivery time on the nike golf balls I ordered. Awesome price."
Gordon Ward
9/7/2014 5:09:19 PM

"As always, my product request was delivered on time and in great shape! I will continue to order golf balls from your company."
Mike Amaral
9/4/2014 8:51:36 AM

"Easy to order online and quick delivery every time. Thanks Knet"
Joel Balkam
9/3/2014 12:48:56 PM

"Balls were great, service excellent, nothing bad to say..."
J William Hudgins
9/3/2014 11:25:48 AM

"The website is very easy to navigate. The grading system is very accurate. The Titleist golf balls I ordered were as described. I will purchase through Knetgolf again. Thanks."
Larry king
9/3/2014 10:50:58 AM

"I ordered three dozen golf balls and they were delivered promptly and were top quality. My only complaint is that my preferred ball (Bridgestone 330 RX) are not always available in Grade A recycled. I would have ordered more."
9/3/2014 9:48:54 AM

"I was very pleased with the quality of the golf balls and pink tees. Since I am a novice and have found many water hazards, I welcome your prices and will purchase again. Thank you."
Carol Partington
9/3/2014 8:51:30 AM

"I am Very please with my last order. The balls all looked in great shape. your delivery was very prompt all so . I could not look for any better services.. Keep up the great work , I will likely place an other later on."
John Boddaert
9/3/2014 7:33:36 AM

9/3/2014 1:11:55 AM

"The golf balls I received were just as promised great job. Thank you. I have a lot of my friends and relatives buy from you. They are also very happy. There is not a better deal out there so let me know when you offer any great deals on any golf balls I play pro vs but like others if price is right"
Robert wood
9/2/2014 11:54:01 PM

"great quality and value never unhappy with the outcome"
francis mezzadri
9/2/2014 9:10:41 PM

"I have been coming back to your store for years due to the ease of chosing the type of golf balls and doing business with your company. All golf balls were as good as per advetisement."
Jean Charlebois
9/2/2014 7:52:40 PM

"First time order from Knetgolf. Very satisfied with the product and the service. Will order again as it won't take me long to lose the balls I received."
David Wilson
9/2/2014 6:44:41 PM

"Great job everyone. B"
J. Craig Carlos
9/2/2014 6:37:38 PM

"Really appreciate that once I order, I know shipment will arrive in a timely fashion. Further, the golf balls are always high quality. Thanks."
Karl Merritt
9/2/2014 6:28:34 PM

"I ordered mint condition golf balls and got exactly what I ordered and within five working days. Couldn't be happier with product or service"
9/2/2014 5:49:23 PM

"golf balls were as advertised, thank you"
9/2/2014 5:12:18 PM

"order was correct and delivered fast. Thanks"
9/2/2014 4:59:58 PM

"Great work! I have ordered before and will continue ordering from you. Great quality at great prices. "
9/2/2014 3:52:52 PM

"It is always a pleasure to place an order with you either on line or a CS person like just recently. She was terrific. I did not write down her name and I should have. I believe I called her in the afternoon, my time. Order #198188. I hope you can run her down and give her the day off for such great c/s. It shipped on time and arrived exactly on time!! As a 78 yr old senior living on a strict budget, it would be real hard for me to have such good golf balls without your company. I wish the shipping was cheaper but it probably is what it is. Anyhow, thanks for always doing it right the first time!! You have a customer in me as long as my body lets me play!! Larry Fleming"
Larry Fleming
9/2/2014 3:14:46 PM

"I was most impressed with the turnaround time on my golf ball order and the condition of the Calloway balls I ordered. I would like to order some PRO V1 balls for Christmas presents and would like to know how they are wrapped. i.e. are they boxed or put in the netted bags. would be nice if they were boxed!!! Regards, Doug Allan."
Doug Allan
9/2/2014 2:21:02 PM

"I'm so happy to find a source for less expensive golf balls as I learn. Thanks also for making the colored balls easy to buy. I can find the bright yellow ones more easily than the white when in the rough."
9/2/2014 2:07:03 PM

"I ordered two dozen refurbished Titleist NXT's. They came promptly and were in excellent condition."
Tom Eastland
9/2/2014 2:04:49 PM

"Went to the website, easily found the golf balls that I wanted to order (Calloway and Titleist), placed the order and in short order UPS was at my front door. You guys are good."
9/2/2014 1:44:30 PM

"my first order was excellent. very please with the process and the product. thank you. I will pass on the info to several colleagues."
Craig Polecrone
9/2/2014 1:30:31 PM

"Great product and great service. Super fast delivery."
9/2/2014 1:14:27 PM

" I placed my order on a Tuesday afternoon and received my shipment on Thursday. Ordering was simple. Knetgolf is fantastic I would not buy golf balls anywhere else. "
9/2/2014 1:02:44 PM

"First time I have ever ordered pre-owned golf balls. Very satisfied with the purchase, quality and delivery service. I will order more in the future as I have already donated a few of them back to the great wilderness."
Gary MacGregor
9/2/2014 12:41:23 PM

"Best value for the amount of Golf Balls."
Allen Wombacker
9/2/2014 12:26:58 PM

"Great website. Great product, the balls looked good as new. Fast service. This is my third K-net order and I have been pleased every time."
Armando Morales
9/2/2014 11:53:58 AM